Monday, December 28, 2009

Is she pretty?

i was looking thru random myspaces %26amp; i found her. she has great hair, but a weird face, no offense.... what do u think?

Is she pretty?

Yea, kind of odd... big nose, boyish looking

you asked

Is she pretty?

I dont think shes ugly, she just has character, shes not a girl you can find on the street in like 5 seconds, she unique.

Is she pretty?

you shouldnt be putting other peoples pictures on the internet!


Is she pretty?

not a knockout, but ok

Is she pretty?

fishing for compliments are we well ur a pretty young lady but to young for me```

Is she pretty?

is that u? she's ehhh

Is she pretty?

I dont see anything weird with the way she looks !

Is she pretty?

No you were not going through MySpace, that is your account.

Is she pretty?

i wouldnt say she's pretty.

but she's definitely not ugly too.

A Shot at Love Cast Myspace?

i found one and it's domenicos!


and we all know what tila's myspace is.

so don't post that.

but if you have any of the other contestant's myspaces..let me know... i'm trying to find michael b.. momma's boy but i don't know the rest of his last name %26gt;_%26lt;

A Shot at Love Cast Myspace?

sorry i dont know his page but his name is Michael Buonanno. Here are some others though

Soooo. this is a stupid question but?

uhh, People who have myspaces can u please add me. at THE REQUESTS

Soooo. this is a stupid question but?


How can I make a myspace for layouts?

okay myspace users have u seen or any other myspaces for layouts? We'll if i wanted to make a layout myspace where do i put the codes of the layouts i made and how would the people who come to my myspace beable 2 preview them give me step by step instructions thanks


How can I make a myspace for layouts?

Well it looks like this Katie girl posted her code in her blog, and to let people preview it, she pasted the code into some other myspace profile of hers, took a screenshot of it (there's a print screen button on your keyboard that saves the screen to your clipboard), and included that image in her blog entries. She used a text area to put her code into. You can add a text area to your blog using code like this:

%26lt;textarea rows="10" cols="30"%26gt; Put your layout code here. %26lt;/textarea%26gt;

To add a picture to your blog entry, first save it on your computer, then upload it to or a similar website, then add this code to your blog:

%26lt;img src="URL of picture goes here"%26gt;

Im making a myspace-please add me?

hey i just made this myspace and im trying 2 get it running-its not fully done but by wednesday the latest it should b- the whole concept is girls and guys can message me and i post their questions as a blog so its anonymous and you guys comment it-ur questions would b about guys/girls/dating/love-the whole thing is that people can get anonymous answers about questions that they have-long story short please just add me- all u do is look up the email and it will come up-please just comment once or ask a question just so i can get it running!! thx alot btw i put it in this section bcause u guys tend to have myspaces

thx a bunch!!

Im making a myspace-please add me?

Wrong Section plus we don't need to know your personal information and why would we add a stranger?

Where canI get animiated pictures such as rain, or flashing graphics? NOT glitter graphics. Please r

Does anyone know where i can get animated pictures or graphics? Not those glittery craps that are all over 12 year old myspaces but other pictures such as rain falling, city lights flying by, or things changing. I was thinking they might have them on deviantart, so i might try that, but does anyone know a site where i can get them, if deviantart has them or if you just have some of your own? Im really interested in the ones listed above, especially rain and city lights, but it doesnt really matter.

Heres some examples of what i mean. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, any good graphic design sites like works of would also be help.

Where canI get animiated pictures such as rain, or flashing graphics? NOT glitter graphics. Please read!!?


Is myspace to blame?

A 12 year-old girl

Turns on the computer

And accesses

She creates an account

Using a fake age.

The young girl

Gives out her full name

Hometown, address,

Likes, dislikes,

Screen name, and telephone number.

As she explores the website

She discovers that she can upload pictures.

She finds photos where she wears

The smallest, tightest tops

Exposing her developing breasts

And firm stomach.

In the photos she also wears

Short, tight shorts

Emphasizing her big butt

And fine legs.

She uploads them.

2 weeks later she is found

In a garbage can

Bruised, frightened, sexually harassed.

I found all her info on myspace!

Says the crazed abuser.

She put up all the info I needed!

Is this myspaces fault? I think not

Is myspace to blame?

No but that is very sad. The person to blame is the person who assaulted her

Is myspace to blame?

No, it's the parents' fault EVERY single time. They just don't want to take the blame.

Is myspace to blame?

No. It's the parents for not teaching her better and not knowing what she is doing on the Internet.

Is myspace to blame?

it's the dumb little girl's fault and possibly her parents. myspace can not control things like that. it's sad though.

Is myspace to blame?

Its her fault its nit myspace the 1 that put the info on there

Is myspace to blame?

it's not myspace's fault. that's the child's fault, and ultimately the parents' fault.

Is myspace to blame?

No it is NOT myspace's fault it is the girl's fault. Everyone is blaming myspace for a lot of stuff when in my opinion it is the user's fault.

Is myspace to blame?

it is her parent's fault for not putting the proper restrictions on her computer.

Is myspace to blame?

It's defiinitely the parents' fault for being irresponsible and not monitoring their daughter's activity on the internet.

Is myspace to blame?

Yes and no. The child should not have been so naive as to put all her info on line, (but let's remember, she is a child) however, the website should have safety features in place to check if underage users are using their website. Many of the users on MySpace who are underage post their real age. I have seen some as young as 11. Why would MySpace allow an 11yr old to use this site? MySpace shares the blame.

Is myspace to blame?

The only way myspace could have any control over the age would be to start charging. I don't think that will happen.

It's the parent's fault for not monitoring what their child does.

Is myspace to blame?

well, i guess its not myspace's fault, for the website IS for everyone, but a LOT of kids do the same thing that the little girl did. it's not like she knew something like THAT was going to happen. But, i must say it's her fault for giving out her personal information (adress, full name etc.). Or is it??? for maybe, the girl didn't know that when going on ANY website or talking to ANYONE you don't know in person, you don't give out information like that.

Is myspace to blame?

First of all, it is not the child's fault, for she is a child. It is not usually the parent's fault because no matter how much you teach, as a child grows part of that growth is to experiment, try new things, learn by doing... learn by mistakes. It is exciting to try to be a woman in a young girl's body, or even a woman's body with a young girl's mind. We must stop blaming victims.

In my opinion it is primarily the abuser's fault - but I think that myspace and similar sites MUST have staff monitoring the sites better and deleting inappropriate accounts. I think they bear responsibility to ensure that children are not posting inappropriate photos or content - much like it is a bar's responsibility to ensure people don't drink too much. It is all of our responsibity to ensure offensive chat, photos and blogs are reported. It starts with society.... it takes a community to raise a child.