Friday, November 20, 2009

Cloverfield character's myspaces?

I've looked onto each of the Slusho 7's myspaces. I see that they all had lost login 1/18/08. The date that the monster attacked (weird, inside the movie the monster attacked May 23, or somewhere near there, while outside the movie it was January 18, 2008. Is there any news on them going back on the myspaces (except for Jason, Hud, and *sniff* *sniff* Marlena) But for Lily, Rob, Jamie, and maybe even Beth updating. Is it planned to continue with the story, whats going on or are they just gonna stop updating everything entirely? Ive been dieing this last week, Its the only thing i can think about!!!

Cloverfield character's myspaces?

I'm not sure, I've been checking them now and then as well. If those people did survive the attack though (it's likely Lily did because she left in the helicopter) I'd doubt they'd be too concerned with their MySpace pages.

At the end of the movie (in the credits) you could hear Rob say something, so he may be alive as well.

Cloverfield character's myspaces?

at the end of the film credits, Robs says something inaudable. when it was recorded and played backwards, it clearly says "it's still alive." also, the movie does not happen on january 18th. if you look at the date in the movie, at the bottom of the screen, the date on the camera shows sometime in april (or may, i can't remember which). so they might still update. also, watch out for the cloverfield manga! that should help with the clue hunt...

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