Monday, December 28, 2009

I Want cool Myspace stuff But...?

I have seen stuff like this On people's myspaces but when I click on it , it takes me straight to photo bucket and I cant find anything like this on photobucket.

Any tips of suggestions?

I Want cool Myspace stuff But...?

ok u have to save a picture like this on your computer.. then you have to get like photobucket acount and upload the pic onto photobucket. then after u do u copy the html code. and paste it where u want to on your myspace. i had the same problem then some1 finally told me. i hope it works for u

I Want cool Myspace stuff But...?

1)right click on the picture

2)save image as...

3)upload into photobucket

4)insert the url into this %26lt;img src="IMG URL HERE"%26gt;


1)right click


3)copy the location url

4)insert url into %26lt;img src="URL HERE"%26gt;

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