Monday, December 28, 2009

Major guy help?

im usually the advice giver but here is goes

well...there is this guy and hes been

flirting with me since friday

weve always joked around that im his

best friend and crap

and we have really been good friends

but i think hes hitting on me.

like all of a sudden he wants

to be really close to me and sit

next to me and hug mee.

but then yesterday i saw him flirting

with my friend mari at lunch.

so idk if he likes me or not.

its so confusingg!

we both have myspaces and

im on his top

this is gonna sound weird but

he has a top 28 and im 22

but listen...

before me he has girls that he

knows theyd all say no to him

if he asked them out.

so do you think he likes me?

add me on ms..

haha if you wantt.

Major guy help?

If he actually does have a romantic thing for you, he's certainly playing the field a whole lot on the side! My guess is that he may be into you, but just testing the waters at this point.

Major guy help?

You already are, but you could consider telling him in a joking kind of way so it's not too intense or awkward. Something like, "So, I see you really like to make the rounds with the girls -- I was hoping it was just me!" with a smile on your face will get the message across in a fun way. Report It

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